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◆Fire Starter & Charcoal◆

High-quality and useful Bincho charcoal and domestic Nara wood (Japanese oak tree) provide reliable products!

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NO.S-865 Economical high-quality Bincho charcoal

●Minimum ordering unit:1 box
●Size of box:280×H155×D110mm
●Numbers of unit in a box:10 boxes
●JAN code:4 989222 190316

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NO.S-858 Cut charcoal Nara
(domestic charcoal from Japanese oak tree)

●Minimum ordering unit:6
●Wooden charcoal fuel
●Size of box:365×190×H130mm
●Numbers of unit in a box:6
●JAN code:4 944459 000043

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NO.103 Tube meta EP

●Minimum ordering unit:12
●Gelatinous fuel for fire starter and pre-heat
●Size of box:46×165×31mm
●Numbers of unit in a box:12×12sets
●JAN code:4 907887 140804

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Useful for fire starter and your cooking device!

NO.102 Nabbeko Six(with aluminum cups)

●Minimum ordering unit:12
●Fire starter:Solid fuel
●Capacity:25g fuel×6set
●Size of fuel with an aluminum cup:205×125×25mm
●Numbers of unit in a box:12×12sets
●JAN code:4 907887 140934

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