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◆Waterproofing Items◆

Raining is necessary for outdoor activities. Waterproofing items are protector for your mutual outdoor wear and goods.

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Protect the leather from water and dirt.
It is also useful for fabric articles.

NO.31 Leather Guard Spray

Retail Price:¥1,575 (with sales tax)

●Protection of leather and cloth from water and dirt
●Size of can:φ45×184o
●"No matter what dirts are oiliness or aqueous, it provides the protection for the leather by works of fluorine. It has high abiltiy of waterproofing for fabric products as well."
●JAN code:4 907887 160451

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NO.32-A Waterproofing spray for camping tents

Retail Price:¥1,890 (with sales tax)

●Waterproofing agent:for camping tents
●Size of can:φ72×202mm
●JAN code:4 907887 160901

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NO.32-B Waterproofing liquid for camping tents

Retail Price:¥3,360 (with sales tax)

●Waterproofing agent for camping tents:with cap and hose
●Size of can:81×120×207mm
●JAN code:4 907887 161007

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NO.9 Amani oil

Retail Price:¥788 (with sales tax)

●Oil for making strengh to wooden parts and threads
●Size of bottle:φ41×104mm
●JAN code:4 907887 004106

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