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◆Climbing Chalk◆

Our chalks are specially designed for free climbing and rock climbing.
Under the severe circumstance, these chalks are necessary for climbers to show their best abilities.

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For outdoor
Regular type of climbing chalk powder in the bag to apply fingers and palm.

NO.18-B Chalk powder

Retail Price:¥683(with sales tax)

●Free climbing chalk powder
●Size of box:65×110×135mm
●JAN code:4 907887 136005

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For indoor
Powder in the ball, prevents less scattering.
Recommend to use indoor climbing, and it also can be repacked.

NO.18-C Chalk ball

Retail Price:¥735(with sales tax)

●Chalk power in the ball type of bag
●Size of box:40×145×175mm
●JAN code:4 907887 136104

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Unlike poweder type of chalk, liquid type of chalk does not occur scattering.

NO.18-D Liquid chalk

Retail Price:¥788(with sales tax)

●Liquid chalk
●JAN code:4 907887 136203

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