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◆Solid Fuels◆

Convinient and safe solid fuels that you can select from various size based on time of combustion.

Among mountaineers, it is common to carry small solid fuels, just in case, they have troubles with their gas banners.

How to use solid fuels and the thermal insulation(PDF file)
(In order to open this file, you need to download either "Adobe Acrobat Reader" or "Adobe Reader". The free download of these applications are available on Adobe Systems Incorporated.)

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NO.20-A Keinen400

Retail Price:¥945 (with sales tax)

●Solid alcohol fuel
●Size of can:φ127×55mm
●JAN code:4 907887 140200

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NO.21-A Keinen160

Retail Price:¥630 (with sales tax)

●Solid alcohol fuel
●Size of can:φ89×50mm
●JAN code:4 907887 140101

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NO.218-W Keinen250(with a stand)

Retail Price:¥683 (with sales tax)

●Solid alcohol fuel/non-painted can
●Size of can:φ100×55mm
●Numbers of unit in a box:12×4sets
●"Keinen250 is used by Japanese ground self-defense force."
●JAN code:4 907887 550214

※Keinen solid alcohol fuels by White Bear brand, are designed to use safe, and would not flow out, even when it is falled down after starting fire.

Keinen 400 160
Time of combustion 1.5 hour 1 hour
Time to start boiling 500ml water About 6 minute About 8 minute
Numbers to cook 550ml of rice About 6 times About 3 times
※The data of water boiling experiment shown as above is based on starting condition 20℃ of room temperature and water. The result of data might not be equal to various different conditions.

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No need to use fire and electricity
Appropriate for outdoor activity and emergency use at the disaster
Secure, safe, and compact!

NO.30-W Morian Heat Pack Set

Retail Price:¥1,260 (with sales tax)

●Accessories: heating bag M(230×280×65mm), reaction agent(35g×3)
●Heat temperature and time:about 25 minutes (The occurrence of vapor stays about 8 minutes at 98℃)
●JAN code:4 907887 561104

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