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Sanitization/Deodorization products for any occations

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NO.160-W Sanitization Pro Spray

Retail Price:¥1,365 (with sales tax)

●Sanitization agents: aerosol type
●Alcohol density:81%
●Size of can:φ57×234mm
●"It is able to be used while you invert the can. Even if you sprayed on foods, it is safe, and is designed as sanitization for kitchen utensil and tableware."
●JAN code:4 907887 630008

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NO.165 Professional Fresh Spray

Retail Price:¥1,890(with sales tax)

●Sanitization and Deodorization agent
●Size of can:φ68×203mm
●"Great item for maintenance of ware shoes and professional rental rocker."
●JAN code:4 907887 138207


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Easy to wipe off,
it makes shine to
glass, plastic, and metal!

NO.142-W Maglass spray type
For a mirror, glass, plastic, and appropriate as a polish(a mousse type)

Retail Price:¥945(with sales tax)

●Size of can:φ68×200mm
●JAN code: 4 907887 611106

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