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Sports Series Sports Series Solid oil & Lotion Non-Slip Accessories Liquid Oil & Lotion/Leather Care Kit Sanitization/Deodorization
◆Liquid Oil & Lotion/Leather Care Kit◆

Solid Oil & Lotion provides flexibility and strength on the function of fiber in the leather, gives shiner and stronger waterproofing

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NO.1-A Glove Oil Spray

Retail Price:¥683 (with sales tax)

●Liquid dubbin:unscented type
●Size of box: 38×162×D38mm
●"It is specially designed to clean parts of baseball glove laces and webs that are hard to apply with ordinary solid oils. Great ability of penetration, and it makes strength for thin leather laces."
●JAN code:4 907887 002027

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No.1-C Professional Glove Oil Spray

Retail Price:¥1,470 (with sales tax)

●Liquid dubbin:unscented type, including a sponge and a cleaning cloth
●Size of can:φ68×203mm
●"It is large quantity of a can for professional use of stores and baseball teams."
●JAN code:4 907887 002058

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Exclusively designed for the natural leather to clean and give shine.

NO.12 Leather Lotion L

Retail Price:¥1,785 (with sales tax)

●Emulsion clearner:unscented type, including a sponge and a cleaning cloth
●Size of box:70×65×158o
●"The lotion has a great ability to dissolve and maintain the condition of leather. Strongly recommended to keep your leather products better in off season."
●JAN code:4 907887 003000

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NO.14-A Leather Lotion

Retail Price:¥683 (with sales tax)

●Emulsion cleaner:including a sponge and a cleaning cloth
●Size of box:75×H162×D36mm
●"It is cleaner for baseball gloves and spikes which are made by natural leather. Great ability to disolove oilness darts and work as the protection of leather, and it has been one of the best seller products. Also, it protects from mold, and keeps the leather good shape.
●JAN code:4 907887 003055

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NO.50-W Leather Maintenance Kit

Retail Price:¥1,575 (with sales tax)

●Emulsion cleaner:including a sponge and a cleaning cloth
●Capacity:6 items as a set
  Leather care set (6 items):
(solid oil・cleaner・bamboo brush・brush・sponge・cleaning cloth)

●Size of nylon bag:35×180×118mm
●"The leather maintaince can be easily done by this kit"
●JAN code:4 907887 003031

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NO.16 Leather Cleaner

Retail Price:¥630(with sales tax)

●Including bamboo brush and cleaning cloth
●Size of box:32×40×155mm
●"It is paste type of cleaner, dissolves and cleans up dart parts with a brush. It was made as paste type, so that it is easy to wipe off. The quality of cleaner is equal to Leather Lotion(NO.14-W), although, gives more solid shape."
●JAN code:4 907887 003024

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NO.52-W Sponge & Cloth Set

Retail Price:¥210 (with sales tax)

●Package: Plastic Bag/Size: 90×H140o
●JAN code:4 907887 003048

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